About Us

Who we are:

Tarmatrol Chemicals is an Irish company operating in the chemical industry as a formulator, manufacturer and marketer of end-user chemical products. In addition to our own range of branded products, we collaborate directly with end-users to develop tailored solutions for specific industry applications.

Key Contacts

Ali Dawes

Sales Manager

Ali Dawes supports the formation and implementation of the company's sales strategy in accordance with our core values. Ali manages new and existing customer accounts. He holds an insight into our product range and can assist with customer enquiries. He has previously served roles in the communications, advertising and retail sectors.

Phone (Ireland): +353 86 669 3361

Email: alidawes@tarmatrol.com

Callum Hansbury

Managing Director

Callum Hansbury is an owner of Tarmatrol Chemicals. He provides technical direction and oversees the company's strategy, operations and continuous evolution.

Email: info@tarmatrol.com

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