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Who we are:

Tarmatrol Chemicals is an Irish company operating in the chemical industry as a formulator, manufacturer and marketer of end-user chemical products. In addition to our own range of branded products, we collaborate directly with end-users to develop tailored solutions for specific industry applications.

Key Contacts

Ali Dawes

Sales Manager

Ali Dawes is responsible for building and maintaining a growing portfolio of valued B2B and B2C customer accounts. He has previously served roles in the communications, advertising and retail sectors.

Phone (Ireland): +353 86 669 3361

Email: alidawes@tarmatrol.com

Callum Hansbury

Managing Director

Callum Hansbury is a founding director of Tarmatrol Chemicals. He provides technical direction and is responsible for managing the overall operations and development of the business.

Email: info@tarmatrol.com

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