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+ Outdoor Contamination?

Actiwash, our specially formulated biocide, is the ultimate solution to this very unsightly and pervasive problem!

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+ Universal Application

The Actiwash formula is extremely versatile and can be applied to virtually any outdoor surface, including Render, Tarmac, Roofs, Concrete, Timber and More!

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+ Creating Problem-Solving Chemicals.

As part of our core founding ethos, we're dedicated to creating problem-solving chemicals.

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Actiwash Pro: Professional Softwash Biocide

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Actiwash Domestic: Powerful Outdoor Biocide

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+ Made in Ireland

We are proud to manufacture our growing portfolio of chemical products in Ireland. All Tarmatrol products are manufactured to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) quality standards. 

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As a customer-centric company, we welcome you to get in touch with us about any questions or comments you may have.

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