Our Story

Tarmatrol Lab

How it all began...

Tarmatrol was founded by Callum Hansbury in the West of Ireland. The business stemmed from an idea that was ignited three years earlier when Callum’s interests grew in the fields of chemistry and business. 

A problem was firstly highlighted to Callum in 2017 by a property management company based in Galway, whose services span across the regions of Connaught, Ireland and London, UK. The property management company were experiencing difficulties treating and rectifying the prevalent issue of unsightly building contaminants often comprising of assorted algae, lichen, fungi, mould and mildew, appearing as red, green and black staining. Together, they actively sought for a practical alternative to replace the time-consuming and low-performance options available to them which involved the implementation of pressure-washers and harsh oxidising chemicals.

During the course of their following three years of collaboration, the optimum chemical formulation was established. Both field and lab R&D was at the core of this creation. The chemical composition proved of much success when being applied by a low-pressure spray or brush to the contaminated surface, and then being left to work with nature to gradually self-cleanse and protect. The action of the formula was found to be effective on virtually any outdoor surface (render, roofs, stone, tarmac, fencing and more) as it contains no harsh bleaching/oxidising agents.

Subsequent to ongoing application and positive results, many homeowners and commercial entities became interested in purchasing the formula as a product for their own use. This demand set in action the uncharted challenge to take the formula further and develop it into a consumer-friendly product. Callum partnered with two other individuals to make the newly found project possible on a viable scale. This team then led the mission of taking the formula onwards, and evolved it into a product they coined Actiwash, which was granted approvals from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. Following closely, Tarmatrol Limited was incorporated as the parent company who now manufacture and market the Actiwash product range.

Presently, Tarmatrol is working to roll-out the Actiwash range to consumers nationwide, whilst expanding and diversifying its product portfolio true to its founding ethos of creating problem-solving chemicals. 

Callum Hansbury
Founder & Director, Tarmatrol