Salthill Hotel

Salthill Hotel

+ Render Treatment 

Actiwash Render Cleaning Algae Removal

The four-star Salthill Hotel is an icon situated in an exposed location on the idyllic seafront of Galway. Given its positioning in the landscape, the hotel was experiencing difficulties maintaining a fresh and clean appearance on their exterior surfaces. They were heavily contaminated in a biofilm comprising of various growths (algae, lichen, fungi, mould and mildew).

History of attempts: the buildings Monocouche façade was being pressure washed frequently due to the fast re-appearance of contamination soon after every procedure. This was proving to be both costly and in-efficient for the hotel management.

The solution: to combat these issues, the buildings exterior surfaces were treated with an application of Actiwash. This method killed all unsightly contamination at the root. A spray application was quick and straightforward for the contractors who carried out the service. In the following few months post treatment, the buildings façade appeared significantly rejuvenated, and the now presentable interface is ready to welcome guests.