Historic Buildings

Historic Buildings

We understand the importance of cleaning, protecting & preserving old buildings which are often finished with delicate materials such as limestone and thatched roofs. Actiwash provides a vital solution of care for these substrates which are frequently colonised with various species of micro-organisms. It's an active solution (near neutral pH) that assists in reducing the spread of lichen whilst eliminating other forms of unsightly contaminants (appearing as red, green and black staining). Lichen in particular is an organism that evidently causes defects to the underlying surface. A small amount lichen will do no harm, however, if left to populate it can cause permanent damage to vulnerable materials. For this reason, numerous individuals responsible for old buildings reach out to us for essential maintenance applications of Actiwash - the preferred safe alternative to harsher methods of surface care.

How it works

Actiwash is an effective all-in-one biocide that works with nature to self-cleanse and protect virtually any outdoor surface. It eliminates and controls unwanted organic growths leaving surfaces sanitised and protected for up to three years.


+ ​​Perfect pre-paint treatment
+ Low-pressure spray & leave application
+ Residual protection for up to three years (depending on location)
+ Hard water resistant
+ Government approved - (PCS No. 99399 & PCS No. 99398)
+ Bleach free
+ Economical

How long does it take?

Results can often be seen from 1-14 days, although it may take longer depending on the weather, age and type of contamination. The self-cleansing process can continue for several months and is usually full complete within a couple of seasons.

Actiwash - Tarmatrol